Tuesday Randomness

Last week was a blur and not in a good way, I got the crud which turned into an almost week long nap. Good times. . . today was the first day I woke up and didn’t feel like I was in a tunnel. Improvement! But let’s get to it people, maybe I can scrounge a few random thoughts together. . . at least I hope I can because my poor brain took a beating from being sick.

  • I was completely set, excited and ready to cheer on the Fighting Irish in Chandler’s memory last week but he must have known I would take the game way too seriously since I passed out after Bama scored their second TD.
  • I know Chandler was enjoying the game from probably the best seats, with his dad, up in heaven and wouldn’t care who won.
  • Being couped up in the house for the majority of the week wasn’t really all that fun and even more frustrating was the fact that I needed a nap after a round trip to the kitchen to get a drink.
  • Before the sickness, I had a Saturday out with my BFF Stace, a lot of fun browsing through stores, chatting and one minor moment where we both agreed that I might have had a wee bit of bitterness shining through my Year in Review post. . .
  • But even after debating it in my head, I stand by that post and those raw emotions that I did feel when I went through some of it
  • I also learned that Bubba blocked me on FB (oh! the horror! the horror! um, when did this happen?) the other week and I can only assume it had to do with very old photos, paranoia and a relative of his
  • As I said to my mom when she questioned why I posted many years ago photos of the two of us on FB, “he was a huge chunk of my life, especially during college and if I were to edit that history out of my life, a very large part of seven and a half years would be missing”
  • In the end, once I figured out that all of this went down (I am slow on the up take) I deleted those pictures because I was pissed, apparently even having memories of my past must mean something! (said with sarcasm)
  • And while I am on it, if I have to erase every memory, picture, story, thought and/or emotion I have felt in the past because (insert whichever guy’s name) might get upset for me thinking, remembering, writing or anything else under the sun than hell, I could only talk about grade school and even then it might be questionable because there was the little red headed boy I went with in 4th grade, Billy Bob who I have known since we were little who I went with in 5th I believe and let us not forget my very first ever kiss way back when I was a little kid and the neighbor boy gave me a quick peck on the lips!
  • Those are my memories to share as I see fit and those who aren’t even remotely innocent will always be protected by me (even if they don’t deserve it because I can be a doormat, way too nice. . . ) but damn, if you have an issue or you happen to be paranoid about something I post using words actually are more helpful than sticking your head in the sand.
  • It never pays for me to be sick, stuck in the house and way too much time on my hands. . .
  • I did get a nice surprise last week. . .there was this hat I found at Target while visiting my parents, I never saw it here though. While my parents made fun of me and the ridiculousness of the hat, I have to say, it kept me quite warm today thankyouverymuch!
  • Meet Fluffy. . .

fluffy1 fluffy2

  • Wook is having a few issues with Fluffy. Lined in pink, little pockets to stick your hands at the end of the scarf part, ears on top equates to being warm when it is cold and rainy outside. I love it and it only adds to my goofiness, so it works.
  • I have a thing for hats
  • I am now currently waiting for some snow and at this point I would even take a bit of ice just to make all this rain worth it
  • Instead I may end up crafting a boat
  • I gained four pounds during the holidays, must get back on wagon. . .

With that, I will take my cranky pants to bed and try not to imitate Waldorf and Stadler at least for a few weeks. . .

Tuesday Randomness

Apparently I seriously need to relearn the days of the week. I realized this morning that it was Wednesday and that I completely forgot to write last night. Oh and um, the dog ate my homework. I also completely forgot to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on Monday. This has been a scatter brain kind of week. Lucky for me I head is still attached to my body so at least I won’t lose that!

  • I love the rain, I really do but the past two mornings I have been driving in a torrential downpour that quits just as I am about to hit the garage at work. . .
  • I would have loved for it to lighten up just a bit while I am driving to work, not just when I arrive
  • I finally got around to painting my toe nails with OPI’s Muppet Collection, Divine Swine
  • I also took it up a notch and painted my finger nails
  • I am finding glitter everywhere from the polish. . .but I still love it!
  • I am ready for some snow! Lots and lots of snow!
  • While getting my crafting on this past weekend I managed to cut my pinky on the inside of the glass ornament. Yeah, I can harm myself on just about anything.
  • My upstairs neighbor must have a bowling alley in her apartment, as well as her extended family visiting for going on two months, I am grateful that at least the walls aren’t shaking every five minutes
  • Working out when it is really cold is kind of hard; I would much rather be snuggled up on the couch with the cat when it gets really cold
  • I finally designed my Christmas cards, I really need to work on getting them done earlier in the year
  • While I receive great cards from friends featuring their kids, they get one of my cat and on some of them, me! But Wook is a pretty cool furkid so I have to show him off!
  • I am just itching to make a quick trip to NYC; someday soon I am going back. I need some Lombardi’s pizza!

Now it is time for me to review the days of the week, take a quiz on it and hope that I can keep up next week with this! And this Friday join me when I share some holiday recipes when I link up to Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Life. For good measure I just might start working on that post now. . .

The One Where My Jaw is Still on the Floor

Okay, this is a rant and for those wanting to get into a political debate, well, let’s just remember we are all friends k?

This is just plain silly, the current Muppet movie in theaters is being accused of pushing a liberal agenda. . . I googled this because I wanted to read a few different points of view so please feel free to hit this link. . .


or Google Muppets, liberal for yourself.

This is a children’s movie that a good portion of Gen X has or will be hitting the theater to see as well as explain to the youngest generation out there just how awesome the Muppets have always been. The movies have always been about good vs evil, the small guy rising to the top, overcoming the challenges from the big guy. There is no agenda within the movie to “get your kids” to become a liberal.

I am left of center (for fair disclosure) and was raised by two very conservative Republicans. They happened to allow me to question and form my own opinions. We don’t talk politics very often because, well, it is just not pleasant. I did not base my thoughts and ideals on what I saw growing up. I have even managed to not drop an anvil on anyone who might have pissed me off.

Why I have not blown people to bits or jerked the football away when someone was trying to kick it? Hmm, I think it is because I have a brain, understand the difference between make believe and reality and had two parents that made sure that I used my brain.

There was one article from a woman discussing how horrible it was that Kermit spent a good portion of movie with no clothes on and that it was a huge no no for Piggy and Kermit to be in a relationship. I hope that she was being tongue in cheek but I am afraid not.

Seriously, are we as a nation becoming idiots? I even read an article that discussed a faction of people wanting Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to be pulled from tv because it promotes bullying! Ugh! Did these people not see that in the end of the story that Santa and the whole crew realized that being different is okay and that sometimes it has a use?

Should I ever have a child, he or she will be raised on a steady diet of classics that I was raised on as well as open discussions about the world around us. There will be talk of right and wrong. There will be consequences to actions that are not allowed. And if my child wants to be a conservative Republican, well, I guess I will be okay with it since my parents have been able to handle my choices in terms of politics.


I Am in Love

with Jason Segal. . . okay, so this is one of those silly crushes that one gets that is not realistic BUT I have to give him some love. He gave me some of my most favorite childhood memories a dusting off by writing a new Muppets movie. And he did this by showing his love and respect for the Muppets. Every article I have read about the making of this movie, the history of the Muppets and why he wanted to do this matches with probably most Generation X’s love for this genre.

Sure there is no fancy technology but puppetry is an art form that I wish today’s kids could understand. I watched Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas last night on Netflix (OMG, they have a whole holiday section so I can watch all I want without having to change the discs in the DVD player). Sure I saw the cables from time to time but I didn’t care because the magic of the story, the characters and of course my memories of it from my childhood erases those cables faster than some CGI expert.

I have been on Christmas overload the past couple of days, working on rearranging my furniture, putting the tree up, fighting with Wookie over not chewing on the tree while watching every classic holiday movie that has been produced. I have also gone back to crafting, something that I love to do but have failed to do the past couple of years. I am working on ornaments for friends and family (and a very special Tiffany themed one for myself. . . ) while looking at my tree. Not all the ornaments have made it onto the tree yet, I guess this will be a multi-day kind of project but that is okay because I am enjoying taking my time.

I have things to bake too but that will come a few weeks down the road. . .I just don’t have the time nor energy to stand in the kitchen dealing with that hot mess. But I will make my list, check it twice and then spend quality time with all of my Kitchen Aid appliances. . .I also have some presents to wrap.

But for now I am going to enjoy the mess of ornaments all around me, the twinkling lights and the fact that now I can show the can of black pepper to Wook and he quickly runs from the tree. After many trials and errors of bitter apple spray, water, tabasco sauce on the tree (all of which he likes) black pepper seems to be the only deterrent for little man.

Now who wants to come over and help me get the rest of my ornaments on the tree???? Come on, I will cook for you. And if you are ever so bold, you are more than welcome to dust or vacuum. . . see, Christmas is the season of giving. . .