Tuesday Randomness

This is going to be a bit different tonight. . .

My first presidential election was in 1992. Growing up in a small, very conservative town meant you were Republican. But then the age of MTV, where they did show videos more than reality shows, I promise, put together a town hall meeting with the candidates. Clinton’s campaign was based on a grass roots growth (I pink, puffy heart James Carvelle)  and was open to meeting with the youth of our country. Dole, not so much.

I took that as a hint that maybe I needed to dig a little deeper within the Democratic party. I voted for the candidate that agreed with my values. While I still believe that everyone has the right to own fire arms. . .I also believe in a woman having control of her body. I don’t think we should destroy what God has given us while looking for alternative fuel. There has to be a better way.

I took a lot of hell for my voting decisions when it came to my parents and normally, I try to avoid deep conversations when it comes to politics. It is what it is. The President isn’t the end all be all, that is why we have Senators and House Reps. The problem that seems to come up is the infighting from both sides. The prancing, the drawing lines daring someone to cross it.

There is a lot of work to be done to make this country great again. We need to focus on education, balancing the budget and work on meeting in the middle. We ask friends, coworkers, kids, parents, etc. to compromise. This is asked often, And it could be a silly reason, such as picking out a restaurant but I think the key to who ever comes out on top needs to have that come to Jesus meeting with the whole lot explaining that compromise is the way to go.

And just for the record, I took the test a few weeks ago, my top guy wasn’t Obama but an independent. Romney was dead last. My thoughts on this election cycle. . .I miss Bill. But I am looking forward to not seeing anymore ads on tv. Those got old.

For those that voted, thank you. It is a wonderful feeling to get out and vote.Whatever happens, we are all still Americans and we need to work together as one.

The One Where My Jaw is Still on the Floor

Okay, this is a rant and for those wanting to get into a political debate, well, let’s just remember we are all friends k?

This is just plain silly, the current Muppet movie in theaters is being accused of pushing a liberal agenda. . . I googled this because I wanted to read a few different points of view so please feel free to hit this link. . .


or Google Muppets, liberal for yourself.

This is a children’s movie that a good portion of Gen X has or will be hitting the theater to see as well as explain to the youngest generation out there just how awesome the Muppets have always been. The movies have always been about good vs evil, the small guy rising to the top, overcoming the challenges from the big guy. There is no agenda within the movie to “get your kids” to become a liberal.

I am left of center (for fair disclosure) and was raised by two very conservative Republicans. They happened to allow me to question and form my own opinions. We don’t talk politics very often because, well, it is just not pleasant. I did not base my thoughts and ideals on what I saw growing up. I have even managed to not drop an anvil on anyone who might have pissed me off.

Why I have not blown people to bits or jerked the football away when someone was trying to kick it? Hmm, I think it is because I have a brain, understand the difference between make believe and reality and had two parents that made sure that I used my brain.

There was one article from a woman discussing how horrible it was that Kermit spent a good portion of movie with no clothes on and that it was a huge no no for Piggy and Kermit to be in a relationship. I hope that she was being tongue in cheek but I am afraid not.

Seriously, are we as a nation becoming idiots? I even read an article that discussed a faction of people wanting Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to be pulled from tv because it promotes bullying! Ugh! Did these people not see that in the end of the story that Santa and the whole crew realized that being different is okay and that sometimes it has a use?

Should I ever have a child, he or she will be raised on a steady diet of classics that I was raised on as well as open discussions about the world around us. There will be talk of right and wrong. There will be consequences to actions that are not allowed. And if my child wants to be a conservative Republican, well, I guess I will be okay with it since my parents have been able to handle my choices in terms of politics.