Tuesday Randomness

This post is brought to you by RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet, glorious, where have you been all summer RAIN. And it could also be brought to you by humidity, big hair and some cooties (just for good measure).

  • It has rained two days in a row here! Of course the total time that it has rained only amounts to maybe an hour, but we got some rain
  • Downtown flooded a bit and I got to see pictures of umm, interesting people “surfing” on random pieces of wood
  • I am beyond thankful to not have to deal with temps in the 100s currently, I know that some people love the heat but me? Throw me some snow and I will be a happy camper!
  • Working out when it is that hot is a lot harder than it should be since I am indoors
  • My trainer likes to really throw it at me when all I want to do is get into a kiddie pool filled with ice
  • Last week I talked my trainer into doing one handstand pushup for me in exchange for a five minute high intensity treadmill romp (normally during circuit training I do cardio for two minutes and then lift weights)
  • I should have made him do two for my five minutes
  • I was in a cooking mood this past weekend, I made baby quiches (which I decided I didn’t care for, I prefer the other way) and a pizza
  • I got the dough from the deli section at Publix, rolling it out is a pain
  • I tried to do the toss and spin thing that I have seen done before. . .
  • My floor now has flour on it, oops
  • I finally tried this cake recipe mom had been talking about, you get a box of Angel Food mix and a box of our favorite cake mix, combine in ziploc bag; use three tablespoons of mix with two tablespoons of water in microwave safe ramekin, cook for one minute
  • A tasty treat and just the right size as well!
  • I am finally purging crap out of my apartment, it only takes two years of thinking about it before doing it
  • Now I just need to get the old mattresses out to the dumpster
  • Oh and rebox all of my Christmas ornaments. . .didn’t quite do that when I took the tree down last year
  • Yes, I am a disaster
  • Yes, please come help me
  • My rash or as I like to call it, my cooties are still with me and it is driving me crazy

So pardon me while I go make another list of things I need to do (and will ponder for another two years) and itch all my itchy spots!