I’m Melting

The heat is killing me. I know it has to be killing everyone else as well. And I am completely grateful for air conditioning and working inside because I really don’t know how those who have to work outside manage it.

It is one thing for me to be dripping with sweat during and after a workout. I don’t particularly love it but I can deal with it. But walking to my car and dripping sweat because I happen to be outside heading to my car? Not a fan. . .

This weekend provided a lot of entertainment for me indoors. I went with Bird Friday night to see Magic Mike. Now this type of movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea but visually speaking, it was nice. A few minor hiccups went into the viewing of this movie.

I really enjoy seeing people who act as if this is there very first time out in public. A large group of women (and a token man) came into the theater at the last moment, celebrating a birthday. They all wanted to sit together but seeing as how they arrived so late in the game, they had to settle for several rows somewhat piecemealed together.

They then proceeded to chat, take pictures and upload them onto Facebook. In fact, they even used their flash on their phones while taking pictures during the previews. I would personally like to thank them for temporarily blinding me. Then I got to hear them as they all laughed about dinner and each others posts on FB about being together.

Seriously? You pay almost $10 to go see a movie, with friends and spend the majority of the time on social media instead of watching the movie? You must either have a money tree or crap out money because this was over the top. At one point, they had all finally settled down to watch the movie and the person right in front of Bird started checking her phone and sharing with her seatmate. Since I wasn’t in the mood to climb over half of the birthday party I started kicking the back of her seat. She turned to look and I just smiled.

We were also treated to commentary through part of the movie, a la Mystery Science Theater 2000. Apparently the commentators preferred the sex scenes and stripping scenes more than the plot. I get it but dude, you can be heard by the whole of the theater. We don’t care what your thoughts are, we care about getting our money’s worth. Someone from behind my row finally yelled, “Shut up” and they finally did.

Sure the plot was predictable, the acting wasn’t Oscar worthy but the visual. . . that was nice. And sometimes I just want to see some form of entertainment without having to use my brain. It is a fantasy not reality.

And for the record, if I were with a guy and he wanted a guys night out and was all excited to see something similar I wouldn’t mind. This could be my age talking, but if I am with someone, I trust them and never take issue with this. Plus, I understand there is a difference between fantasy and reality.

Last night I went to the other extreme and went to see The Trousdale School’s annual musical. It was wonderful, as usual. And my buddy K, who is my favorite bag boy at Publix, showcased his dancing skills once more. I was quite impressed with his number and after the program went to give him a hug. He said he had yelled my name twice while dancing. I love all the students at the school but K is my buddy and I am always thrilled to get a hug from him each time I am at the grocery.

Today I have been dealing with laundry and as Snug’s mama calls it, taking a nippy nap. Now I am going to look for a vat of ice to sleep in tonight. I did wash my car today, so I am hoping that brings some rain to us really soon.


Generation X

I haven’t said a lot about the loss of Farrah and Micheal, not on Facebook or any other online forum. I did mention something to my mom and a friend; both responding with they wish the coverage would stop in terms of Michael.

I liked Michael Jackson, not the current version but the older one, the one who brought us Off the Wall and Thriller. This was the King of Pop and he songs from those albums will live on through my IPod. Then I stumbled upon an article about Generation X and our losses.

I used to cringe when I heard that term, Gen X, but in time I finally got what my generation wanted and I agreed. We want a career with good pay but we also see that vacation and time with our loved ones is important also.

We aren’t lazy but the term greed is good isn’t part of our vocab. I had to discuss this years ago when I worked for the chamber back home. At the time they looked at me like I had two heads and if we sat down again to discuss it, I am sure I would get the same results.

Our generation has seen great losses in our short lives. I was in grade school when the Challenger exploded, shortly before my birthday. I watched on CNN the first Desert Storm and then with wide-eyed wonderment, saw the start of the second Desert Storm. I also happened to be at home the day the towers fell. I remember being in my college apartment when Diana was killed. Seriously, when does it end?

Or could it be that Gen X happens to be the first generation to go through such losses via the internet and television? Our lives are shaped by what we read on Facebook, Twitter and other blogs. None of this information was readily available when we were growing up. If a teacher had not been sent up in the Challenger, we would have learned about the disaster that evening, on the news, with our parents.

We were even blessed with the unfolding of the OJ Simpson trial on tv, the verdict was televised and classmates at college were either whooping with joy or anger. The all emcompassing media has taken a hold of Gen X and made it virtually impossible for us to go no longer than ten minutes without logging on or checking our cell phones (which have Twitter, Facebook and email on them). Do we really need to be so connected to the world that we cannot function for even a weekend without it?

In the past, going on vacation meant a real vacation, maybe a glance at the news or a newspaper but I can honestly say that I was so lost the last time I was in NYC on vacation because I couldn’t log onto Perez Hilton.

Our generation is the guinea pigs, Gen Y and further will never understand a time without a barage of information streaming from their phones. Sometimes I wish I could just put the phone and the computer down and just live life but then I remember I tend to break out in hives when I can’t pop onto the internet to see who is doing what and when.

What are your thoughts on Gen X?