Unicorn Hair, Decorations and Accidents

Well, I finally hit up Fastbreaks for a fitting and new tennis shoes. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the employees and the store but my only complaint? My Fred Flintstone feet, inherited from my father cost me $120! Thanks daddy! I was right about one thing, those shoes do have unicorn hair laces, at least that is what I keep telling myself when I remember how much I paid for them. I have now worked out in them twice and can tell the difference. But I hate my feet!

Yesterday was a big day around here, Bird’s girls came over to stay with me for a few hours. They were thrilled and of course I took complete advantage of them being here by letting them finish decorating my tree. I know, I know. This should have been done several weeks ago but between work, working out and sleeping I just never could get it finished. They loved doing it and I have to say, they did such a great job! They worried about placement, breakables and Wookie and thoroughly enjoyed going through all my ornaments. They have dubbed my tree the Hallmark tree for the many Hallmark ornaments on it.

Maybe this is why some people have kids! Once they get a bit older, all of the sudden they are quite useful! Before the hate comments converge, I am only kidding. I love all of my friends’ kids and while I am quite grateful for the help, if they hadn’t of been interested, I would have been fine doing it myself.

Once the tree was complete (I was in the kitchen making my weekly meal) the three of us piled on the couch to watch The Wizard of Oz. I think it was their first time to see it and hope I didn’t overstep boundaries but a good time was had by all!

And now to the accident portion of my post. . . I think it is safe to say that I can injure myself with the greatest of ease so neither of this incidents should be all that shocking. . .

I was working on gathering my presents to wrap when one of dad’s fell out of the box and landed on the top of my foot. No bruise, no swelling just hurts. I should have known better when I picked that box up but it was late and apparently paying attention isn’t a strong suit of mine. The other accident is a bit more embarrassing. .. I was umm, having “me” time in the bathroom and you know how sometimes you will take something to read in there or your phone or say your Kindle to play a game to pass the time? I was so engrossed (HA!) with the game that I let my left foot and leg go to sleep. Once I got up from my, umm, sitting place, well I got up on the wrong foot. My still sleeping foot turned in a way that is certainly not natural and as I was getting ready to take a dive into my tub head first I grabbed the towel rack. The towel on the rack was not really on there (that will teach me to do things halfway) and I had to grab a second time so I wouldn’t become a statistic in bathroom accidents (HA! Again!).

Luckily my left foot is fine but I stood there for a minute contemplating how exactly I would explain this accident had I gotten hurt to everyone. I am now looking Amy proofing my bathroom.

And yes, I just shared with all of you that when I go to the toilet I have to be entertained. I am my father’s daughter. . .

On that note, I think I am going to finish up laundry and get my bag packed for the gym. I will back with more embarrassing tales from the bathroom. . . excuse me, my life shortly.