Tuesday Randomness

Rack em up please. Tuesday is almost over which means that Friday is even closer. It also means I have one more training session this week and will not be tortured again for four solid days. Little things people.

  • Apparently my trainer is very serious about working on my balance and coordination. . .yesterday was spent trying to balance on one of those half ball half board thingy (why yes, that is it’s technical name).
  • This exercise is to help strengthen your core as well as balance. . .I laughed my ass off most of the time while I was doing this exercise.
  • Because my trainer is really mean, he then had me do squats on it while sticking my butt out. . .the more concepts you add to each exercise, the harder it is for me to complete.
  • He was nice and stretched my legs out for me after what seemed like a two hour workout instead of one. . .now, does anyone know of a machine or a person I can hire to stretch me out on a regular basis?
  • If you were wondering why there was a chill in the air Sunday, blame it on me. I actually cleaned my apartment Saturday.
  • I only did it because I was going out with an old high school friend and I didn’t want him to think I was that big of a slob.
  • I know I am getting older when staying out until the wee hours of the morning means a two day recovery.
  • In honor of some college girls on the prowl Saturday night, I busted out Baby Got Back
  • I may have lost count of the number of drinks I had. . .I have a good excuse though
  • I haven’t laughed that hard or talked that fast in forever
  • Best laugh this week, overhearing the muscle guys last night counting their reps. They sounded like really bad impressions of Marilyn Monroe.
  • Best laugh last week, pretty much anything that was said or done at Hair of the Dog Saturday night
  • I would also like to apologize to the kids that ended up sitting with us, we are really the anomaly of this area
  • Once again I had to admit to someone that although I grew up in Cleveland, I have not rafted down the Ocoee River
  • I know, right?
  • I found someone else that dislikes mayo as much as I do
  • I kicked it old school Friday night and watched the documentary on Def Leppard’s Hysteria album. It took them four years to make that sucker.
  • I am still in LOVE with Phil Collen (the guitar play for them, not the drummer for Genesis)
  • They will be in Nashville and Atlanta in the next couple of months. . .
  • Must go so I can drool over Phil Collen again
  • I spent more time waiting for a table at Carabba’s Sunday than actually ordering and eating at a table. . .next year, reservations
  • Because I have such a knack for falling down, I got to do it Friday night with the help of my neighbors’ St Bernard puppy but no bruise.
  • I prefer to fall all by myself instead of being helped by a dog
  • I am still a firm believer that guys should at least be able to drive a manual transmission, it’s a long story and theory but seriously? If I can do it, you should be able to as well, at least when it comes to cars.
  • I love to make lists, any kind of list will do. While taking a short break from fighting with a spreadsheet, I made a list to keep track of all the nicknames I use on the blog, places I want to visit, concerts I want to see, a few more chapters to add to my hypothetical book and a general list of things I need to do. . .
  • Yes, I think that just proved how dorky I can be. . .

And I can mark off posting to the blog now! Early! Woo hoo! And another episode of America’s Got Talent is on tonight. Why yes, I totally started watching it when they named Howard Stern as a judge. Maybe I can make a list of the lists I need to make. . .maybe I should just start going to the gym every day after work instead.

The One Where I Try to Flash People

Training day today and let’s just say that my sweet, kindhearted trainer was brutal this afternoon. I started with a five minute brisk walk on the treadmill instead of the elliptical. My very special made of unicorn hair tennis shoes decided to let my feet feel the pain. Please say that it was a fluke because I don’t want to pay for new kicks right about now.

Then we are off to work on my legs. . .apparently I was rocking the 110 pounds of weight doing leg presses so the next round he opted to take it to 200 pounds. Kids, do not try this at home. On and on we went through the paces until we landed on the mat to do running bridges (at least I think that is what it is called). Basically I am kind of in a pushup stance but I have my butt sticking up in the air a bit more and then I alternate legs jumping up and down.

That is when my shirt opted to work it’s way up my body. Now it would have been fine if it was just my back showing, I mean a little back fat doesn’t hurt anyone. . . but the shirt was flying up in front as well. My poor gut was showing and I was praying that my trainer would hurry up and yell stop AND that no one noticed the food gut that was bouncing around like a bowl full of jelly.

And to make matters worse, after tucking the shirt in the back of my pants, there was still an attempt to show some skin! Oh the humanity! I apologize to everyone that might have witnessed this at the Y because ghostly white skin and fat isn’t a good look.

And bless him, he is still trying to work on my coordination and grace. I think I would rather do the crunches/plank combo 100 times than trying to improve my coordination.

I am happy to report that despite the scale not really moving at the moment, I am changing shape. Oh happy day! And I can even ask guys if they would like to go see the gun show, my arms are getting so toned! HA!

Tuesday Randomness

Pardon me while I whine a bit, but this Tuesday was a bit painful and I blame it on my trainer. Kicking it up a notch on a Monday is just evil. So ignore the old man smells (IcyHot) and the groans, here is the mess known as Tuesday Randomness.

  • Holy hell, my trainer was not kidding about taking it up a notch. If someone wanted any kind of information from me last night, all they had to do was threaten me with some of those new exercises.
  • Not only does my trainer kick my tush, he has kindly offered to help with my coordination.
  • Let’s work on the fat first and then maybe we can consider working on that. I kind of like my inability to be graceful anyway. It’s part of my charm. . .
  • As is the inability to stick my tush out, I was laughing so hard yesterday trying to tell him I have tried to hide my butt and now he wants me to stick it out while doing certain exercises.
  • The Easter Bunny got lost and didn’t visit me this year. . . thank goodness he found me yesterday!
  • And yes, I still keep up the rouse of believing in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and any other holiday character. One of the few perks of still being single at 38.
  • Speaking of 38, the class of ’92 is regrouping and planning our reunion.
  • If I am going to be single for this little function, please at least let me be somewhat skinny!
  • I have also threatened Bird within an inch of her life that she has to be my date as well. . .
  • I went to see American Reunion Friday afternoon, I really liked it. Sure it was typical but it was nice seeing the old gang up on the screen.
  • A couple brought their dog with them to see the movie. . . it wasn’t a service dog either
  • I love Wook but that would be the last thing I would do. The man also texted throughout the movie.
  • Note to the wise, unless you are a surgeon or the President of the United States, you are not that important to justify texting the whole time. Why even bother paying to see a movie?
  • According to my trainer, a girl cooking is a “lost art” bless him. He did say his girlfriend was getting better at cooking!
  • Why yes, I talk about food throughout my training session, is that wrong?
  • I am also about to have a fit to get back to DC to eat at a couple of Jose Andres’ restaurants
  • I am digging this cooler weather, please stay around for a few weeks
  • A small irritation, after blogging about my weight loss and revealing my weight, a not so ethical blogger posted a similar titled, thought processed post. I was sick for about a week after noticing it. I doubt she got the idea from me (I am not that deluded) but still it did bother me.
  • I love getting the spam comments! They crack me up! I should do a collection of them sometime as well as some of the spam emails I get.
  • Short week again this week! Yeah me! Look out Nashville, I have a few places that I have to hit in my quick trip up there!

Now I am off to finish reading a book and get ready for bed. I have another training session tomorrow and will need all the shut eye tonight to make it through it. But if you happen to see a very awkward short blonde girl trying to get her legs and arms to do total opposite motions, please walk on. It isn’t a pretty sight, trust me.