A Phone Conversation with Mom

Yesterday while looking cross eyed at a spreadsheet my mom called and here is the conversation:

me: Hey mom, what’s up?

Mom: I heard the news, are you okay?

me: Huh?

Mom: I heard the news and wanted to see if you were okay. . .

me: What in the world are you talking about?

Mom: I read that Ben Rothlisberger is getting married in July and wanted to make sure you were okay after hearing the news.

me: Umm, yeah, knew about that a few months ago. . . oh and Gardner calls him Ski Nose

Mom: (laughing) He doesn’t like him?

me: Nope

For some of my friends, they have gotten quite used to me saying, “Well, my future husband, Ben Rothlisberger, is going to kick butt in (enter that week’s game here). And yes, I know that I am a grown up but I can’t help it. To me he is cute and he just happens to play for my favorite NFL team.

So as long as Ben is happy then I am happy. And now my delusional self will go clean the bathroom before company arrives.


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