A Case of the Mondays, Early

Oh sweet vacation, where did you go? It seems like only yesterday I was watching the clock, ready for Friday to end and the vacation to begin.

The good news is football is starting, the weather got a bit cooler and I have been cooking up a storm this weekend. I even cleaned up the kitchen, did a load of laundry and all that is left to deal with is the trash. I am thinking that is something I will deal with tomorrow. . .

I am still trying to play with the layout/design of the blog only because I see others and think that theirs’ are so much cooler than mine. For now I am digging the header but that came with this particular layout. There are some other things I can add with this layout so I need to read up before I really start playing with them. I am also thinking of doing a separate page that kind of focuses on cooking. I love to play with recipes, challenge myself and of course, I have a thing for Williams Sonoma. So that just might be a good spot to put all of that and for the foodies out there, you too can drool over some of the gadgets that I drool over.

I did have a moment this weekend when I did get a bit blue and it all has to do with not being in a relationship. But for the time being, I just don’t want to get out there, the thought of going through the whole first date thing kind of makes me ill at the moment.

But tonight I am going to strive to get to bed early, wake up early tomorrow and deal with emails that I haven’t read in a week. Should be interesting. I am hoping that I am super busy at work this week since that seems to help the days go by quickly. I need to look at my auto draft for fantasy football and get that all set and then. .  .I guess I will put my clothes up and the suitcase back into the corner. For now the suitcase it taunting Wookie which means he is extra cuddly.

Hope your Monday is a good one and I hope I survive my first day back to work.


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