Tuesday Randomness

Okay kids, this one is going to be brief. . . I am a tired girl!

  • I got to work today and received a text from Bird letting me know that her mom passed this morning. While I know she is in a better place, full of energy and good health, I feel so bad for Bird. Her mom was a very young 69 and I just cannot imagine losing a parent this early in our lives. Keep her whole family in your prayers.
  • I am beginning to think I am the hamster on the wheel, never getting to where I need to go or that it is Groundhog’s Day. . .seems my reports are multiplying. A good thing until I look at my list and want to pull my hair out, I like to mark things off quickly!
  • I found the oxfords online that I fell in love with at Nordstrom’s and sent the link to mom to let her see them. She thinks they are UGLY! Clearly we are on opposite style sides!
  • I am getting so much better about drinking water! I have lost ten pounds so far but I would prefer to be much further along this journey.
  • Drinking all that water causes me to get up in the middle of the night to pee. . .last night I somehow caught my toe on the frame of my bed, I didn’t realize until I got to work this morning that it had been bleeding. . . oops!
  • Is it Friday yet? Cause I am tired!

Okay with that I will take my gimpy toe and the rest of myself off to bed. Let’s hope that I can mark a ton of things off my list tomorrow cause Amy needs a really productive day!


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