Tuesday Randomness

Well, we made it through another Monday!

  • It is still hotter than poo in a cow field around here, I miss the cold.
  • Mom informed me that dad was walking through the house making rooster noises, umm I sometimes do the same thing
  • I splurged yesterday and bought two of the cutest Snoopy pet dishes ever, since Wook is now getting can food daily I thought he deserved some extra cute dishes
  • My apartment is still tidy, I blame it on the heat
  • I was walking around on my tippy toes this evening and realized that the extra weight is now making it kind of painful to do this
  • This football lockout is starting to get on my nerves, don’t they realize that I will feel lost without watching football on Sundays???
  • I just love the British folk, even when someone is horrible (Murdoch anyone?) they all seem quite stiff and formal about their anger
  • I watched Joy Behar’s show on CNN last week, she had one of Casey Anthony’s attorneys on and asked if she would let her babysit her kids. I think that little tap dance from Anthony’s attorney is even better than Richard Gere’s in Chicago
  • I am speed reading through Catching Fire at the moment, thanks Stace for sharing because I don’t think I would have picked up this trilogy on my own, LOVING IT!
  • Have they announced when the last Harry Potter will be on DVD, oh, I guess I am jumping the gun. . .
  • I am still a little incensed about Netflix changing their plans, come on Netflix, have a little heart for those who can’t afford to go out all the time, we need entertainment too!
  • And it is still hotter than poo!

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